Documenting unscripted moments begins here…

Caitlin DiMaggio is a Jersey Shore + South Jersey area based photographer who thrives on genuine connections + raw moments. Her focus is in documenting pregnancy, fresh 48, newborn, breastfeeding, childhood, parenting + family.

I’m a wife, a mama + a photographer. Peter Gabriel fan, lover of music, the 80s + vegan food. I’m a beach girl by birth but my heart belongs to the New England mountains.

Growing up, I loved taking pictures with my dad’s camera + looking through old photographs. Seeing those family memories of generations past was like looking in on a glimpse of life in that moment. It’s something so special. It was almost like you could hear the conversations + the laughter.

My mission is to authentically document memories for you that inhibit that same feeling when you look back at them. I want to help tell your unique story; the messy moments, the happy moments, the tough moments + all the in between moments.


Your precious memories are important…

You can’t slow down time but you can preserve it. These visual reminders are priceless + can never be replicated.