Hi!  I'm Caitlin...


I'm a Mama + a Wife


Lover of vinyl records, all things pumpkins + Peter Gabriel.  Collector of old cameras, old photos + antiques.  I'm a firm believer that the best moments are those that are unscripted.  Documenting those genuine moments of connection is what I thrive on.

I love to look back at photos of growing up with my siblings, my parents growing up + past generations.  Looking through all those old memories, you can hear that laughter + can imagine what life was like in that moment.  That is what I strive to create for you! 

I started Earth Mother Photography about a year after giving birth to my daughter, when I realized that the only quality images I had were of her in the hospital.  Time was fleeting.  I needed to document those first smiles, belly laughs + those real life moments, no matter how messy those moments may get.  Then I came to the sad realization~ I'm absent for many images.  Just as my own mom was when I was growing up.  My daughter, + future children, wouldn't have those tangible memories of their mama to look back on when they are older.  I know that feeling (hint: totally bummed) of wishing I had my mom in more photos with me, my siblings or just us all as a family.  I knew I needed to break that cycle for my little one.  


Now, I totally get it.  We as parents, mamas especially, are always worried about how we look.  We are always finding something to pick apart about ourselves in photos (believe me, I'm SO guilty of this!) + more than often, we are also worrying about how everyone else will look for family photos.  We stress about outfits, is everyone's hair perfect, will the children be cranky + so, so much more.  If you're a parent, I promise you that when your children look back at these moments, they won't see those flaws you feel you have.  All that matters to them is that you were present.  Those flaws may very well be some of their favorite parts about you!  I want to be able to help alleviate some of that worry for parents when they want to document a snippet of their life.  When you book with me, you just need to show up + I'll do the rest.  Yes, depending on which session you book, you'll still need to get dressed (mamas, I know you'll most likely be the one worrying about what everyone will wear but I'm happy to help by giving you a suggestions guide so that you're not completely stressing over it) but I want to help get rid of that worry about how the session will go.  


I'm specialize in taking a lifestyle + documentary approach to photography, so don't use any props, backdrops + do little to no posing, rather focusing on what makes your family unique + special.  I understand that may seem a bit scary but I promise it is so. worth it.   I want for you to be able to look back on your photos + still be able to hear your child's giggle, smell the sweet scent of their hair + remember what life was like in that very moment.  I want to document your life's story, raw + unscripted.  I love to take the time to get to know my families + finding out the little details to make our time together totally awesome.